Top 5 bets for Switzerland - Portugal: who wins?

Top 5 bets for Switzerland - Portugal: who wins?

This Sunday at 20:45 the teams of Switzerland and Portugal will face each other in the 4th matchday of Group B of the Nations League A. Switzerland, who have lost every game, will try to avoid finishing at the bottom of the group, while Portugal is the leader and their mission will be to make sure that Spain does not snatch their place.

Switzerland - Portugal

According to the bookmakers, Portugal is the favorite, although only by a very small margin, with odds of 47% to win, 27% for a draw and 26% for Switzerland. By the way, you can place bets on the site online cricket betting apps.

We review what we consider to be the 5 best bets for Switzerland - Portugal.

Bets Switzerland - Portugal : Portugal has the advantage

Portugal wins (0, -0.5) At Marathonbet we find this bet with Asian handicap at odds 1.75. It consists in the victory of Portugal, but with a certain insurance in case of a draw that would refund us half a bet if the match ends in a draw.

It is a way of playing for the logical Portuguese victory, but covering our backs, at least in part, if they draw. Of course, in case Switzerland wins, the bet would be totally lost.

Over 2.0, 2.5 goals Let's go to bet365 where we have this bet at odds 1.675 which will be successful if 3 or more goals are scored in the match and if just 2 goals are scored we will lose but only half a bet.

It is a type of bet very similar to the previous one in which we bet on a specific event but hedging in part to stay at the gates of success.

In the first leg there were 4 goals, we can expect action in this aspect.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores At William Hill we have at odds 1.80 that Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal in this match. The Portuguese star continues to be the alma mater of this team and so far he has already scored 2 goals in this Nations League group stage. It should also be noted that Switzerland is the team that has conceded the most goals with an average of more than 2 per game.

Switzerland - Portugal | Alternative Bets

Switzerland - Portugal

Both teams score, Portugal wins and more than 2.5 goals are scored At Leovegas we find this bet among its pre-match bets, with an already quite high odds of 4.20. Basically, it would be encompassing everything we have been trying to say in this article, that there will be plenty of goals and that the Portuguese will be the ones to get the 3 points.

It is a bold bet, but it fits with the idea of the match we are proposing.

First Goal Shot Method This is a basic bet offered by William Hill with a 1.57 odds. It is merely a matter of statistics since the shot is the usual method of scoring a goal despite the fact that we are going to have on the pitch born headers such as Cristiano Ronaldo.